Solitude – M. Eminescu

1. With the curtains drawn together,

At my table of rough wood,

And the firelight fickering softly,

Do I fall to thoughtful mood.


2. Flocks and flocks of sweet illusions,

Memories the mind recalls,

And they softly creep like crickets

Through time’s grey and crumbled walls;


3. Or they drop with gentle patter

On the pavement of the soul,

As does wax before God’s altar

From the sacred candles roll.


4. About the room in every corner

Silver webs the spiders sew,

While among the dusty bookshelves

Furtive mice soft come and go.


5. And I gaze towards the ceiling

That so many times I saw,

And I listen how the bindings

With their tiny teeth they gnaw.


6. O, how often have I wanted

My worn lyre aside to lay;

From poetry and solitude

At last my thoughts to turn away.


7. But again the mice, the crickets,

With their small and rustling tread,

Awake in me familiar longings

And with poetry fill my head.


8. Once in a while, alas too rarely,

When my lamp is burning late,

Suddenly my heart beats wildly

For I hear the latch-bar grate.


9. It is She. My dusky chamber

In a moment seems to glow;

As if an icon’s holy lustre

Did o’er life’s threshold flow.


10. And I know not how the moments

Have the heart away to sneak,

While we whisper low our loving,

Hand in hand, and cheek to cheek.


translated by  Corneliu M. Popescu


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3 răspunsuri la „Solitude – M. Eminescu

  1. 🙂 Beautiful version 🙂


  2. Thank you. I will publish more Eminescu’s poems, in this translation.


  3. I will be waiting 🙂


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