Come Dear,Set Your World Apart – M. Eminescu

1. Come dear, set your world apart,

And on me yourself bestow;

Even should I take your heart,

No one in the world would know.

2. Come, let us awandering leave

Down steep winding sylvan ways

And amidst the twilight eve

Listen what the forest says.

3. O’er our path amidst the trees

Stars will silently appear;

Come dear one, except for these,

No one in the world will hear.

4. Your gold hair you will untwist

And most lovely you will be;

Should I hug you, don’t resist,

No one in the world will see.

5. Now the distant bagpipes’ croon

Does the sacred night invade,

While appears the climbing moon

O’er the silver beech-tree’s glade.

6. And amidst the boughs her light

Does enchanted shadows trace;

And I lose my senses quite

Gazing dear upon your face.

7. But you sigh and turn away,

You would dwell, yet do not dare,

You would go, and yet you stay,

Angel you with hanging hair.

8. Look, the water’s iridescent

Where the moon in splendour shines.

And within the lake her crescent

Its sweet loneliness enshrines.

9. On its surface starlight trembles,

Ripples through the rushes creep;

In its dreams the world assembles

And it cannot fall asleep.

10. While your lovely face beguiling

Holds it like a mirror there,

What do you regard in smiling?

Don’t you know that you are fair?

11. Blue the starlit heavens high,

Stars that in the water glow,

On the lake and in the sky,

Stars above and stars below.

12. Here the lime-tree’s scent is blown,

Here the twilight casts its spell,

And we two are quite alone,

And so happy words can’t tell.

13. Lonely hangs the moon at rest

O’er the stream where vapour furls,

And I close you to my breast

Maiden mine, with golden curls.

translated by Corneliu M. Popescu

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5 răspunsuri la „Come Dear,Set Your World Apart – M. Eminescu

  1. And again wonderful… and i did not know this one either 🙂


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  3. I did read up a little about him the other day..he died in the 1077 eartquake ..19 years….A very young talent..


    • Corneliu M. Popescu a murit la cutremurul din ’77, împreună cu mama sa. A fost declarat cel mai bun traducător al lui Eminescu, în engleză, şi s-a înfiinţat un premiu: ,, the European Poetry Translation Prize in memory of Corneliu M. Popescu”, de către ,, the Poetry Society at National Poetry Centre in London”, din 1987 în asociaţie cu ,,British Council”.


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