Cupid… – M. Eminescu

1. Cupid, dreadfully spoiled rascal,

Many a hoax stored in his head,

With the children romps and scampers,

With the ladies sleeps in bed.


2. From the daylight like a brigand

He will take great pains to hide;

But at dark he’ll try your window

And if it’s open slip inside.


3. Bits of string and bows and arrows

That’s of what his wealth is made.

Generous when no one needs him,

Stingy should you ask his aid.


4. Late at night he’ll rob your bookcase,

Read some volume doctrinaire,

And maybe between the pages

Find a thread of golden hair.


5. With strange thoughts, they cannot master,

Does he lead young minds astray;

Then before a lighted icon

All night long he’ll kneel and pray.


6. Oft some little girl in whispers

Does in him her soul confide,

And all night they sleep together

Like two pigeons side by side.


7. Petulant he is and heartless,

Winsome too, and full of guile,

And his eyes will sometimes sparkle

Roguish as a widow’s smile.


8. Graceful throat and rounded shoulder,

Here where maiden breast expands,

He will take a double armful

And will hide it with his hands.


9. While if you should beg him nicely.

Quite enough a scamp is he

Just to part the veil a little

And a moment let you see.

translated by Corneliu M. Popescu

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  5. Nota 10 pt. ultima poza 🙂


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