Why Do You Wail, o Forest Trees – M. Eminescu

„Why do you wail, o forest trees,

Forest, without rain or breeze,

Your branches ill at ease?”

„How indeed should I not wail

When the hours of summer fail!

Nights grow longer, days get short,

On my branches few leaves caught,

And the winds with bitter sword

Drive my choristers abroud;

Autumn winds that forests flay,

Winter near, spring far away.

How indeed should I not groan

When my singing birds have flown,

And across the frozen sky

Flocks of swallows hurry by,

And with them my fancies fly

Leaving me alone to sigh;

Hurry on as time in flight

Turning day half into night,

Time that o’er the forest rings

With a fluttering of wings…

And they pass and leave me cold,

Nude and shivering and old;

For my thoughts with them have flown,

And with them my gladness gone!”

translated by Corneliu M. Popescu

Androxa, Carla, Rokssana, Theodor, Samsara, Schtiel


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6 răspunsuri la „Why Do You Wail, o Forest Trees – M. Eminescu

  1. And again….what can I say?? 🙂 im glad you brought Corneliu M. Popescu to my attention with your posts lately 🙂


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  4. Just Me...Carla

    wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!!!…. si in limba engleza suna miraculos,splendid ,MULTUMESC LILI ,pup cu drag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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