Beats the moon upon my window – M. Eminescu

Beats the moon upon my window

Down the same untroubled lane.

Only you are never passing,

Nevermore beyond my pane.


And the same prune trees in blossom

Reach their branches o’er the fence,

But the hours the past has taken

Never shall again come thence.


Other is your soul’s intention,

Other eyes you have today,

Only I who am unchanging

Tread for ever that same way.


O, how slim and young and graceful,

Secretly with paces slow,

Would you come to me at evening

‘Neath the hidden hawthorn’s bough.


While my arms were clasped about you

It seemed we from the earth had sped;

And we talked great things together,

Though not a word had either said.


Kisses were our single answer,

Many queries, just one task,

While about the world beyond us

Neither had the time to ask.


Aye, little I knew in youth’s enchantment

That it is alike absurd

Or to lean against a shadow,

Or believe a woman’s word.


And the air still moves my curtain

As it used in times of yore…

Moonlight down the lane uncertain,

Only you come nevermore.

translated by Corneliu M. Popescu

Androxa, Carla, Rokssana, Schtiel, Samsara, Shayna 

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  2. Just Me...Carla

    superrr,Lili !!!!!!


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