Doina – Mihai Eminescu

From Tisa to the Nistru’s tide

All Roumania’s people cried

That they could no longer stir

For the rabbled foreigner.

From Hotin down to the sea

Rides the Muscal cavalry;

From the sea back to Hotin

Nothing but their host is seen;

While from Dorna to Boian

Seems the plague has apread its ban;

Leaving on our land a scar

That you scarcely know it more.

Up the mountains down the dale,

Have our foes flung far their trail.

From Săcele to Satmar

Only foreign lords there are;

While Roumanians one and all

Like the crab must backwards crawl.

And reversed is everything:

Spring for them is no more spring,

Summer is no longer summer,

They, at home, the foreign comer.

From Turnu up to Dorohoi

Does the alien horde deploy

And our fertile fields enjoy.

With their rumbling trains they come.

Making all our voices dumb,

And our birds so much affray

That in haste they fly away.

Nothing now but withered thorn

Does the Christian’s hearth adorn.

And the smiling earth they smother;

Forest – good Roumanian brother –

You too bend before their tide,

And the very springs they’ve dried.

Sad is this our countryside.

Who has sent them to these parts,

May the dogs eat out their hearts;

May the night their homes efface,

And with them this shameless race.

Stephen, mighty emperor,

You in Putna reign no more.

While his holy prelacy

Guards alone the monastery,

Where the priests in fervent prayer

Of the saints take pious care.

Let them toll the bells away,

All the night and all the day,

And the gracious Lord invoke

That he come and save your folk!

Stephen rise up from the ground,

And your battle trumpet sound

All Moldavia gathered round.

Blow your trumpet just one blare,

All Moldavia will be there;

Let your trumpet blazen two

That the forests follow you;

Let your trumpet blazen three,

That our foes demolished be

From the crows may hear their knell

And the gallows-tree as well.

translated by Corneliu M. Popescu 

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  1. Am fost si vom fi Romani sau Traci din timpurile indepartate.


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